Book Upcoming

Dear Readers,

I haven’t posted for several weeks, and this posting is short.  I have missed the postings, and do want to keep in touch.  During this time, I have been working on having the postings of this blog published in book form.  This has involved transcribing posts into manuscript form, correcting proofreading errors I found in the blog posts (sorry), and creating several additional items required by the publishing process.  It will probably be several more months before the book is published, but I will post to let you know when it is ready.

I do intend to keep posting on the blog.  However, I haven’t yet quite figured out how the posts may change, or the frequency with which I may be posting.  I ask your patience.  I, too, am undergoing transition.  I hold all of you, my readers, in affection.

Peace, Diane