The Book Is Out!

Happy December!  Happy Christmas!  Happy Hanukah!  Happy Solstice!  Happy Holidays of Light!  I wish you all a New Year filled with peace and joy!

The new book, The Voice from the Back Row:  Off the Bandwagon, is finally published.  It is available at Balboa Press, and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  It is available in both hardback and softback and e-book format.

Those of you who have faithfully followed the blog as this book was created will understand when I share that my belief is that this book is meant to be read as widely as possible, in any of the formats.  It is what I have poured both monetary resources and time, effort, and love to make available.  If you are not familiar with the blog, below is a quote from the forward of the book, written by the broadly knowledgeable Dr. Aditi Guha.

“Diane began writing The Voice from the Back Row in 2015. The book captures the philosophy that we can all hold different perspectives and beliefs and yet work together for a better world. In this book, she shares with her readers the issues of our times and the processes of personal growth that she has found to be applicable universally. Each chapter stands on its own with a central message; our thoughts are more than just a dream. When we work together the dream can become real. The Voice from the Back Row; Off the Bandwagon is a book that no one will want to miss. It is a deep commentary on our times; it stays positive while detailing what needs to be done. It offers comfort and hopes to those of us who have been through the chaos of a very tumultuous time in history. It is an enriching factor to the lives of everyone who reads it. The content is timeless and will continue to offer a unique perspective for years to come. Dr. Aditi Guha”

Here is an excerpt from the epilogue.  “The chapters in this book are a collection of five years of reflection, stories, personal experiences and essays centered around the values and visions of the changes we are in the midst of experiencing. The first two-thirds of the book precede the epic event of our times, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the resulting chaos. Nevertheless, they foreshadow the pandemic and the issues with which we are now dealing. The last third of the book was written after the lockdowns of the pandemic gripped our country and the world. They offer descriptions of what has occurred, and ideas about the attitudes and actions that may be taken to move forward into the unknown. I have a sense now that these messages and vignettes are complete, at least for the moment. It is time now to publish what has been written, in the hope that they may be useful or of comfort as we face the future.”

I hope that each of you will gift yourself with a copy of the book in whichever of its formats encourages you to not only keep it, but to read it over and over, focusing on whatever chapter responds to your need or interest of the moment.  It will also be a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, another holiday, or birthday gift for someone you love.    I wish you all well on your journey forward.

In peace and joy, Diane