Welcome to The Voice from The Back Row

Like many other people last week, I spent time glued to the TV (unusual for me) watching the unfolding progress of Pope Francis’ historical visit to the United States. I wanted to be aware of history being made. The pope’s visit was most impressive, for the extent of its coverage, the warmth of the welcome extended by most to Pope Francis, and for not only the controversial content of his message, but for the eager acceptance of that message by so many. In addition, the pope himself is impressive. He exudes a magnetizing energy often manifested by those who have overcome dark periods in life and managed by strengthening connections to the universal unseen which surrounds us, called myriad names by myriad people. He also sustained a Herculean schedule which would have been beyond many a younger man, and remained centered throughout.

In a way, it is fitting that I begin this blog – the start of which has been postponed many times – concurrently with the lift in awareness I sense in people now that this historic event has taken place. I, too, wish to participate in raising awareness, and my contribution, too, may also at times cause controversy. As controversy has always been a frightening thing for me, I must give myself a pat on the back for risking (no, probably inspiring) it. It would be wonderful if people could learn to cooperate and find the center of the continuum between the opposing views that are often argued, but apparently that is not the case. I like to find the center, but in trying to do so, often appear to be siding with one end or the other. Maybe one day, I will understand that better.

I cannot promise just now exactly how this blog will go, nor can I promise an individual response to every comment I get. My goal is to post approximately twice a month, to respond to some comments personally, and to summarize for myself the content of other responses and reply to them via the content of future postings. I also intend to post things that come up for me. I ask for your good wishes and prayers, as this endeavor is in addition to a schedule already full of responsibilities, and as it will also at times be an effort to make sure the baby is not thrown out with the bath water as the perceptual changes now occurring worldwide increase in pace.

To all of us, Peace.                                                                                                          Diane Drummond